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People live on the world, always have their own pursuit. Always have their own ideals, want to do big business, would like to board the summit. However, the depths of human nature, there is always a trace of lazy. Knowing Shou Zhu not to come to the rabbit, but always want to fall out of the pie. So, the elders of the struggle of the younger generation is not easy to struggle, always do everything possible to open up their way to the younger generation, to find shortcuts, do not know, shortcut ends, there is always a Tigers, you pay a greater price.
Shortcut easy to go, life is hard to find, rolling between the Red. Many people get rid of dependence on the older generation, tirelessly Moqian roll, and strive to close the peak of life. They spent more time and sweat, but read the world vicissitudes, the harvest of valuable experience. They have gone through the rough road of life and hardships, but all over the beautiful rivers and mountains, flowers. All the way to the beautiful, all panoramic view.
As the old saying goes, to teach people to fish, as delegate to fishing. Intended to admonish the teacher. To guide students forward, the main points to that, indicating a way out, but to the students forward and explore alone. And finally get their own results. The mother eagle is always relentlessly threw the nest outside the kitten, the tiger in the young will have to be tragically abandoned by their parents. Lead to the appropriate place to let go. This is love, is the feeling to the depths of the great wisdom of the ruthless.
If parents are no principles of doting, paving the way for their own hands. Planning life, children have been living under the blessing of their parents. How can students wrestle the ups and downs of the society and experience the ups and downs of the world? How can students be able to think independently if they lead the students all the way and help them solve every difficulty they encounter? . Independent to solve the difficulties, and to find their own innovation?

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